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1982 Ford Econocar Concept

In response to the gasoline shortage of the late 1970s, Ford Motor Company developed this 2-passenger design concept study vehicle. It is a rendition between a full-sized clay model and a running prototype. Although it will roll, it has no engine, steering, or suspension system; it does have an entire interior with non-operating instruments and controls.

This "Econocar" was a design proposal for a very inexpensive, high-mileage student/commuter car using a small gasoline engine — and potentially a 100 mile-per-gallon vehicle to cope with the threatening fuel crisis.

Planned as a 1982 model, by the time the Econocar concept was developed to this stage, the gas shortage had subsided, and Ford saw no market for such a small specialized vehicle. Painted in orange and trimmed in black, this "fiberglass property" was donated in 1988 to the Henry Ford Museum.

Source: Ford R. Bryan - Henry's Attic: Some Fascinating Gifts to Henry Ford and His Museum

Images: Collections of The Henry Ford -

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