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1981 Lancia Beta Coupé HFZ Concept

Group 3 spec. competition Betas used 1890cc engines with 175bhp. Group 4 iterations used 16 valve heads and pushed out over 200bhp. Either of these uprated motors would have made the HFZ a tantalizing proposition. However, underneath the HFZ’s cut-away rear valance, the presence of a pea-shooter exhaust suggested it probably had an off-the-shelf power unit.

Cosmetically, Zagato turned an already good-looking car into what could have been the most handsome small Coupe from a mainstream manufacturer. Lightweight, fully integrated fiberglass additions included new single-piece bumpers with wraparound spoilers, brawny wheel arch extensions, and deep side skirts. A twin pylon wing was mounted on the boot lid to replace the standard rubber rear spoiler. Front lighting was standard. The rear fog lights were deleted from the tail fascia.

Zagato painted the HFZ a two-tone red over black livery. Matching black discs covered the wider than standard 14-inch diameter wheels. The HFZ’s interior appeared standard. Seats were grey fabric with orange and brown check pattern centers. Hard-wearing soft-touch black plastic was used for the dash, center console, and door caps. Grey fabric was also used to upholster each lower side panel. Electric front windows were fitted as standard. Unfortunately, the HFZ never made it beyond the concept stage and, after the 1981 prototype, no further examples were built.

Source: Supercar Nostalgia

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