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1975 Volkswagen Chicco Concept

The Chicco prototype was developed by VW Design like formal research of livability and development. The Chicco prototype was a study for a new body assembly concept, an extremely compact structure, an ideal expression of utilization, increased performances, reduced consumption, and the most effective approach to production costs.

Volkswagen thought about creating a small city car almost forty years ago when the Golf and Polo of the first generations were getting ready for production. The Volkswagen Chicco prototype appeared in 1975: a front-wheel-drive three-door with a length of 3.3 m was 212 mm shorter than the serial Polo. The austere interior accommodated four riders. There were no rear seats - the passengers were located on a gas tank covered with pile flooring, to which tiny backs were attached. Under the hood was an experimental 900 cc three-cylinder engine with 40 hp, which accelerated a 650-kilogram car to 130 km / h. But Chicco did not go into the series - the Polo did a good job playing a compact, inexpensive car.

Engine & performance:

  • Type: 3-cylinder, in-line

  • Capacity: 900 cc

  • Power: 40 hp

Source: Mario Buonocunto Concept Cars Page;; Igor VLADIMIRSKY "Long way up" - Newspaper AUTO REVIEW 2011, No. 21

Images: Mario Buonocunto Concept Cars Page;

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