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1973 Jerry Pennington’s Devilfish

Pennington Collision began in the garage of Jerry Pennington, a determined man who had a passion for cars. He started by fixing primarily corvettes and custom work but later introduced the show car line and custom vehicles. In 1968, he opened the doors to Pennington Collision to make his work more professionally known. In 1972, Jerry took his custom car, "The Scorpion," to Detroit's Auto Rama. There he won the Ridler Award for his outstanding imagination and vision. The Scorpion went on to win the International Championship for 1971 & 1972.

In 1973, he built the Devilfish, winning the Ridler Award. Jerry was the first person to win this award for two consecutive years. In 1973, Jerry built a car for John Long of Atlanta, Georgia. His latest custom creation was called "The Atlanta Phoenix," which became the 1973 & 1974 International Champion. In 1979, he tried one last time for the Ridler Award at Detroit's Auto Rama, in which he took second place. This made Jerry the only builder to win three ICAS top awards. ICAS named Jerry Pennington "Builder of the Decade" from 1970 to 1980. He has also built a custom Corvette for "The Magician" television show. In 1982 Jerry's son, Ed, began managing the family business. Since Jerry's passing in 1990, Ed continues to run the legacy of Pennington Collision with the help of his family.

Source/Image: Pennington Collision.

Pictured Above: The 1973 Ridler award winning "Devilfish."