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1973 IZh GranTurismo Prototype

The 1973 IZh GranTurismo Prototype stands as a unique and intriguing example of an all-terrain crossover/coupe. Developed by Lada Izhevsk, a subsidiary of the automotive manufacturer AvtoVAZ headquartered in Izhevsk, Russia, the prototype showcases an innovative approach to vehicle design. Lada Izhevsk's roots trace back to its days as a subsidiary of Izmash, operating under the IzhAvto brand. During this phase, the company was involved in producing a range of vehicles, including motorcycles and automobiles. The 1973 IZh GranTurismo Prototype likely embodies the creative spirit and experimental mindset of that era, attempting to blend elements of off-road capability with coupe aesthetics.

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Source & Images: carsthatnevermadeitetc.tumblr

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