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1972 AnyCar II by Hanover Trust Co.

AnyCar II, the focal point of Manufacturers Hanover Trust's fall auto loan program, is a worthy successor to the bank's first AnyCar, "ForChevAmChrysVagen." New AnyCar, created by exceptional car designer Gene Winfield, combines parts of 50 car models dating from the 1930s to the 1970s. Dominant 1929 Hudson body gives AnyCar II a classic "look," A unique blend of modern car models emphasizes the diversity of choice available to car purchasers.

The AnyCar II (1972) contained pieces from the following: 1929 Hudson, 1973 Triumph, 1973 Toyota, 1958 Volvo, 1970 Pontiac, 1961 Imperial, 1970 Mustang, 1970 Catalina, 1973 Mercedes, 1971 Dodge, 1969 Cadillac, 1954 Chrysler, 1969 Toronado, 1973 Plymouth, 1967 Volkswagen, 1968 Ford, 1961 Valiant, 1966 Corvette, 1971 Mach I, 1971 Continental.

Source: CarStyling