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1968 Maserati Simun by Ghia

The Simun was a Ghia proposal for Maserati’s new 2 door 4 seat Coupé. Presented at the Turin Motorshow in 1968, this prototype designed by Giugiaro was a two-door sedan with retractable headlights and very special proportions, with a long hood and a reinforced rear based on the Maserati type 116 chassis.

Inside there were four seats, for a 2 + 2 configuration of pure luxury. In the same years, Ghia was in competition with Vignale which created a prototype that was then chosen instead of the Simun and was produced as Maserati Indy. The Simun mounted an eight cylinder engine (4.136 cc) with 260 horses. The transmission was a five-gear manual connected to the rear wheels, as traditionally. The name had been chosen by Ghia as Simun is a strong wind in Saudi Arabia.

Source & Images: carrozzieri-italiani