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1968 Ford Techna Concept

Triple-Jointed The Techna, a functional engineering experimental car of the future unveiled by Ford Motor Co., features new ideas in safety, body, and technology. The Techna, an experimental engineering car with more than 50 new ideas in safety, electronics, powertrain layout, and body and chassis design, has been unveiled by Ford Motor Co. Harold C. MacDonald, engineering vice president, explained the car's doors push straight out instead of swinging on hinges and overall it gives engineers "an opportunity to evaluate innovations realistically and to decide which ones have the most promise for future products."

New passenger convenience and safety concepts are featured in the Techna, Ford Engineering's experimental car. The spacious interior is enhanced with a swept-away instrument panel and a small driveline tunnel located between the left and center occupants rather than in the car's center. A structural windshield eliminates the front corner posts, providing sweeping vision. Improved access to the car is provided by two six-foot-long power-operated, parallel-hinged doors, which allow easy entry to both front and rear seats even when the Techna is parked within 18 inches of another vehicle. The experimental car has served as a testbed for more than 50 technological innovations being considered by Ford engineers for possible future incorporation in production cars.

Images: Ford; Custom_Cab's photostream; Boss Mustang's photostream

Sources: The Deseret News - Jul 3, 1968 &

TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 1968

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