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1967-1972 Fiat 125 by Moretti

Launched in 1967, again at the Turin Motorshow, the 1600GS was a two door, four seater coupe based on the Fiat 125. As with their other coupes of that time, the styling was heavily influenced by the Fiat Dino Spider. It was also available with the mechanicals from either the normal or the special version. In 1969 the styling was revised and the car lost the rounded front and wheelarches, gaining a relatively square front end including four square headlights. From 1971 a further revised (now with the square front end, but four round headlights) version was available with the mechanicals of the 125S.


Pictured Above: 1967-1970 Moretti 125 Special Coupé GS 1.6

Pictured Above: 1971-1972 Moretti 125 S Coupé 2a serie