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1966 Ford Mustang GT350 Wagon

Until auto restorer and customizer, Bob Hoshiko purchased the October 1966 copy of Car and Driver at a literature swap meet, the Mustang station wagon idea was all but forgotten. The owner of two Shelby GR350s and specialist in Mustang restorations, the station wagon intrigued him. In 1983, Hoshiko pulled the old Car and Driver off the bookshelf and decided to build one of his own- a project, that, unlike Clark and Cuberford's 66 prototypes, would take him more than several years to complete!

He started with a basket-case 66 coupe purchased for $200. Over the years he added new doors, had a Shelby-style fiberglass hood built, and following the basic design Cumberford had penned, made a similar cut in the body. The similarities end there, however. Rather than having new rear quarter windows made, as Reisner did in Italy, Hoshiko adapted the glass from an import wagon and brought the Mustang backlight and roof section rearward. Cumberford's design called for a traditional folding tailgate, while Hoshiko's car offers a more contemporary approach with a one-piece hatch, made from the original deckled. This design also allowed the trunk lip to remain intact, as well as the Mustang taillights.