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1966-1967 Intermeccanica Griffith 600 GT/Omega

An American-Italian hybrid developed by designers Robert Cumberford and Franco Scallone, produced in New York in the workshop of Jack Griffith, powered by a 235hp 4.5-liter Plymouth Commando V8. In 1966, Griffith sold 14 units but, facing bankruptcy, sold the project to Steve Weidler, who renamed the car Omega GT. Production moved to the Holman-Moody workshop in North Carolina using bodywork made in Turin, now powered by a 271hp Ford 4.7-liter V8. Weidler made 33 Omega GTs, but his venture also ended in bankruptcy. Finally, Intermeccanica took over the project and created the one-off Intermeccanica Italia based on the Omega GT.

Source: carsthatnevermadeitetc