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Founded in Moscow in 1962, the Soviet research institution VNIITE specialized in industrial design. With a mission to pioneer unique design and engineering methodologies within the USSR, their efforts extended to scientific domains like atomic studies and transportation. Employing over 10,000 experts within a few years, VNIITE pursued novel projects, epitomizing their commitment to advancing Soviet industries.

Among their notable projects was the futuristic VNIITE-PT taxi concept, unveiled in 1964. This sci-fi-inspired design was based on a Moskvitch 408 platform, producing 50 hp with a top speed of around 65 mph, fitting for urban settings. Combining futuristic and vintage aesthetics, the VNIITE-PT featured a practical, spacious cab-forward layout. Although it never progressed to production, the VNIITE-PT encapsulated the visionary aspirations of Soviet designers during the 1960s.

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Source & Image: Wikipedia

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