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1954 Alfa Romeo 2000 Abarth by Ghia

The 1954 Alfa Romeo 2000 Abarth by Ghia, also known as the Abarth-Alfa Romeo 2000 Coupe, stands as a remarkable one-off concept car born from the collaboration between Abarth and Alfa Romeo, with design work executed by Ghia. This elegant coupe, based on the chassis of the Alfa Romeo 1900 Super Sprint, was crafted under the guidance of Italian automotive designer Giovanni Savonuzzi. Its body design, notably similar to the Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS designed by Gian Paolo Boano, exudes timeless style.

Presented at both the 1954 Turin and Paris Motor Shows by Virgilio Conrero, the Abarth-Alfa Romeo 2000 Coupe garnered attention for its exceptional design and performance. Beneath its hood, an Alfa Romeo 1975 cc four-cylinder engine with two valves per cylinder delivers 135 hp (101 kW) at 6,600 rpm, coupled with a four-speed manual transmission. With a compression ratio of 8.5:1 and a weight of only 890 kg (1,960 lb), the car achieves a top speed of 200 km/h (120 mph). The elongated cabin, a hallmark of Ghia's design, takes advantage of the Alfa Romeo 1900 Berlina chassis, and the striking two-tone paintwork captures the spirit of the era. This unique collaboration between Abarth, Alfa Romeo, and Ghia remains an emblem of automotive innovation and aesthetic refinement.