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1928 Rolls-Royce 40/50HP Phantom 1 Shooting Brake

This magnificent Phantom I, with its inline six-cylinder engine of 7,668 cc capacity, was initially completed with a limousine body by coachbuilders W H Knibbs & Sons Ltd of Manchester. It was sold to its first owner, the Rt Hon G Fryer, who kept the car until 1939. The Phantom was first registered in May 1928 as 'RY 3315', a Leicester mark. The shooting brake body said to be by Weaver is believed to have been fitted by Hooper during WW2 when the Phantom was used to ferry RAF repair crews and their tools to stricken aircraft.

'84FH' was next recorded in 1953. It belonged to Mrs. Mirabel Topham, whose family owned Aintree racecourse, home of the world-famous Grand National steeplechase, and stayed in the family's possession until 1984. In 1953 Mrs. Topham opened a new racetrack within the established Grand National course, the Mildmay. The following year the Aintree motor racing circuit opened and soon gained the reputation as one of the best globally, hosting the British Grand Prix on five occasions between 1955 and 1962. Stirling Moss won there in 1955 to score his first Grand Prix victory, while Jim Clark won the '62 event. '84FH' was used extensively within the grounds of both the motor circuit and the racecourse and can be said to have been one of the UK's earliest 'safety' or 'pace' cars.

Described as in superb condition, with excellent mahogany woodwork, the Phantom is grey/blue over black with a maroon interior. The latter is equipped with two occasional seats and a sliding internal division.